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History of Rajabheta, where Dibrugarh University is located

By Editor-in-chief

Rajabheta might sound unfamiliar to most of us. The historically significant name is slowly sinking into oblivion with the place being increasingly identified with the Dibrugarh University Campus.

But, Rajabheta once used to be the meeting point of two kingdoms, where the sovereigns of both the places used to have important political discussions. In fact, the word ‘Rajabheta’ itself gained currency because of this purpose that the placed served.

The Moamaria Rebellion is one of the red-letter events in the pages of Assam History. After having raised a longstanding rebellion against the Ahom Monarchy, finally, in the year 1805, the Moamarias or the Muttacks were able to carve out an independent kingdom for themselves, with its capital in Bengmora, the modern-day town of Tinsukia.

During this period, Dibrugarh became a part of the Muttack Kingdom. However, since Dibrugarh was not far from the eastern boundaries of the Ahom Kingdom, a suitable place was chosen here for the rulers or agents of the two kingdoms to have bilateral dialogues and discussions. That place was ‘Rajabheta’, where a ‘Bhota’, meaning a big light, was kept burning while the discussions continued between the two rulers or their representatives. It was these political meetings or bilateral talks that gave the place ‘Rajabheta’ its name.

There is another account of the origin of this name which says that the Muttack Kingdom used to light a ‘Bhota’ at this place to symbolise their fame and power, and hence the name, ‘Rajabheta’.

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